We asked Matthieu Dallon (Advisor Webedia & CEO of Trust Esport Ventures) his views on the gaming and esport industry, why he accepted to join the jury of RockTech Paris #gaming & #esport and what he’s looking from the 8 startups’ finalists.


Why did you accept to sit on the jury of RockTech Paris #Gaming #Esport?

There are two major reasons: it’s a first in Paris to focus on esport startups and it’s now my job to source and share the best of my experience to emerging startups. I also like the idea that entrepreneurs are the new rockstars.  

What do you expect from the 8 startups’ finalists?

I want to be surprised and I want to learn. I’m very open-minded and I have the deep conviction that there are a lot of services, tech, platforms, apps, to build to enhance esports. From the candidates themselves, I’m waiting for simplicity, humility and vision.

What fields in Gaming & Esport are of particular interest to you at the moment?

I think the value of the esport products that will be created within the next 3 years will stand in their capacity to be complementary to the games. I’m talking about coaching and training apps, new innovative devices, enhancing the spectator experience, monetizing the fans…

How can entrepreneurs become rockstars?

Being a Rockstar is way of life: believing in yourself, being creative, impertinent, but also generous, tireless, and part of a group. It’s almost impossible to accomplish things alone. So my advice is first to create a rockband, then his own audience, to stick on his values, the rest will come.

Thanks Matthieu for answering our questions! We look forward to welcoming you at RockTech Paris #Gaming & #Esport!

If you’re a startup working in the Gaming & Esport space, you can apply to RockTech Paris and get the chance to be among the 8 finalists invited to pitch during the event. Hurry up, the deadline on January 28th!

Two winners will be selected (one from the jury and one from the audience) and will benefit of personalised mentoring with experts and investors of the ecosystem as well as tickets for ESI Super Forum in the UK (organized by our rockstar partner Esports Insider)

If you want to attend RockTech Paris, you can register here. Hurry up, the event will sell out at 100 people.