Bob Moz

Bob Moczydlowsky


Bob Moczydlowsky is the Managing Director of Techstars Music, a global mentorship-driven accelerator run by Techstars and a group of leading companies from the global music business. Each year, Techstars Music invests $1.2M into 10 of the best music-related startups from around the world. Bob is also the former Head of Music at Twitter and SVP Product & Marketing at Topspin Media. He has dedicated his career to removing obstacles between artists and fans. He’s managed bands and events and created artist web sites. In 1996, he created one of the web’s first licensed streaming music sites. Earlier in his career, Bob worked at Yahoo! Music, founded the media agency Closed System, and worked closely with the Sundance Institute and the NEA to help musicians, filmmakers and educators. Bob holds degrees from The University of Kansas and Carnegie Mellon University, and teaches in CMU’s Master of Entertainment Industry Management program. You can reach him on Twitter, @bobmoz.