We asked Laurence Le Ny (VP Startup Ecosystem, Orange) her views on the Tech & Music field, why she accepted to join the jury of Rockstar Paris #Music and what she’s looking from the 8 startups’ finalists.


Why did you accept to sit on the jury of Rockstar Paris #Music?

I am today developing a new startup program for Orange Content but the music industry is my background and expertise, so I am really interested in innovation in this sector. When Ben Costantini and Benjamin Debusschere of Connectors presented me the concept of this new event, I really liked it and I love the name. Connectors’ team is also one of the best one.

What do you expect from the 8 startups’ finalists?

I am really looking for innovation and creativity but the startups must have a sustainable business modelI am also looking for energy from the founders of these startups, people who are passionate

What fields in tech & music are of particular interest to you at the moment?

There are many new innovations at the moment which disrupt the music industry in general and I am really interested in Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality (which will be the focus of the second edition of Rockstar Paris in December), Artificial Intelligence, Spatialized sound, and Blockchain.

How can entrepreneurs become rockstars?

Entrepreneurs becoming rockstars are the ones who always believe in their idea and don’t give up until it is launched onto the market. But the innovations behind these entrepreneurs must meet people’s needs so it can reach the market. Founders who have a vision, stay focus and have a great team and fun at the same time will become rockstars for sure!


Thanks Laurence for answering our questions! We look forward to welcoming you at Rockstar Paris!


Stay tuned to discover the 8 finalists.

If you want to attend Rockstar Paris, please register here. Hurry up, the event will sell out at 150 people.