Jérome Monceaux

Driven by his passion for robotics, Jérôme Monceaux wants to be the first to design collective, emotional and naturally interactive robots. Former Chief Creative Officer and co-founder at Aldebran Robotics (now Softbank Robotics), he is one of the main engineers involved in the design of NAO and Pepper robots. After a ten years experience in humanoid social robotics, he founded SPooN, based on a zoomorphic conception of artificial creatures. Since December 7th 2015, the SPooN team develops a singular approach of social robotics rooted in four leading concepts : natural interactivity, emotions, collective design and ethics.  Far to be an end in itself, the artificial creatures must serve other goals than pure R&D or profit. At SPooN’s this goal is to create genuine human social bound through interactive technologies. The human-machine interaction must serve the human-human relationships at a collective level. According to Jérôme, ontologically speaking, humans and animals are perfect as they are and do not need to be technologically « enhanced » but rather socially. SPooN works for this idea that we have more to gain by  creating collective social artefacts instead of betting on sporadic individual enhancements.