We asked Hervé Fontaine (VP Virtual Reality B2B & Business Development, HTC Vive) his views on the VR industry, why he accepted to join the jury of Rockstar Paris #VR and what he’s looking from the 8 startups’ finalists.


Why did you accept to sit on the jury of Rockstar Paris #VR?

VR has the potential to change the way we do many things for the better, from distant working with colleagues to entertainment with friends. Rockstar is a great opportunity for us to provide feed-back on how we see the market opportunities today and to contribute to the development of the VR/AR ecosystem.

What do you expect from the 8 startups’ finalists?

The VR/AR market is just at the beginning and many things are still to be invented or made easy, accessible. Think about volumetric video capture, avatar creation/management, advertising mechanism, simple VR content creation tools for school teachers, etc… we are particularly interested to support start-ups who open new use cases which are scalable across many countries.

What fields in VR are of particular interest to you at the moment?

Just to mention a few opportunities, I think that distant collaboration has a potential to make work easier, faster more enjoyable in many sectors. We all use phone conferences or video conferences a lot but VR allows to go one step further as we can do things together while being located in different places. Learning and education is also a fantastic opportunity as learning by doing is so much more efficient and also more fun than learning through only listening and reading.

How can entrepreneurs become rockstars?

There are probably as many recipes as there are entrepreneurs, now VR/AR is at the very beginning of the journey and many improvements come through fast iteration and working tight with the VR ecosystem. So I think it is important to stay focussed on relatively short term opportunities, say 18/24 months and iterate rapidly.

Thanks Hervé for answering our questions! We look forward to welcoming you at Rockstar Paris #VR!

If you’re a startup working in the VR space, you can apply to Rockstar Paris #VR and get the chance to be among the 8 finalists invited to pitch during the event. Hurry up, only 4 days left (deadline on November 19th)!

Two winners will be selected (one from the jury and one from the audience) and will benefit of 3 months of incubation at Commune Image VR, the first incubator for virtual reality creation in Europe as well as tickets to Virtuality Paris, event dedicated to virtual reality and immersive technologies in Paris (8, 9 and 10 February 2018), and a 6 months membership at Spaces coworking.

If you want to attend Rockstar Paris, please register here. Hurry up, the event will sell out at 80 people.